Shebelle Ethiopia Conference Services

Tel: 251 116 63 05 98


  • Book and rent conference halls
  • Book hotel accommodation for participants and organizers
  • Arrange air travel and send PTS (Prepaid tickets) to any participant anywhere in the world
  • Negotiate special group rates for air travel and hotel accommodation
  • Arrange local transportation by bus or vehicles of various standards
  • Meet and assist participants on arrival and departure
  • Arrange visas for participants coming from countries where there are no Ethiopian Embassies or Missions
  • Engage conference staff such as secretaries, ushers, clerks, etc
  • Duplicate and prepare documents to the specification of conference organizers
  • Arrange conference halls and committee rooms, as required
  • Provide protocol services
  • Arrange payment of per diem and other expenses in foreign currency
  • Employ interpreters and translators
  • Design conference websites


We have had various experiences with event organizers over the years; the experience with Shebelle has been one of complete satisfaction. Shebelle did a great job joining to support a complex and intense international initiative. The company delivered outstanding service from the onset, and continued to provide full support throughout the event, including the follow-up phase. We were positively impressed by the dedication of the Shebelle team and its ability to understand our needs and often thinking ahead with initiative and innovation. In short, Shebelle certainly exceeded our expectations, and we have no hesitation in recommending the services of Shebelle to any party seeking to organize a successful event in Addis.

Richard Taylor, Executive Director of the International Hydropower Association